пятница, 2 января 2015 г.

Set a goal

It is a good tradition to set goals, to write resolutions.  A tradition tells us to do it on the New Year's eve.
So let's think, what goals we would like to achieve.
You can have marriage goals,mothering goals (for example: read 60 books to your kids), professional goals, personal goals. It is nice if you write the detailed result and date when you want it done.
Here are some of the goals you can set:
Read the Bible.
Read 90 books.
Lose weight.
Volunteer to help others.
Get fit.
Take a trip.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.
Become a better time manager.
quit smoking, biting nails, shouting, etc.
make time for exercise.
Be kind to yourself.  It is OK to make mistakes.
Be moer mindful. That's one of my favorite. We all have errands to run -  but getting off the hamster wheel every now and then is a must. We need to live in the moment, which is called "mindfulness". We learn to schedule our every move, and then obsess over sticking to the plan. Few people allow room to improvise or to simply be still. There is no past, no future - you live here and now.
What resolutions did you write this year?

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